Quality Products for Commercial Properties

Proper ventilation is crucial for any commercial property, especially for restaurants and other buildings with kitchens. A well-ventilated facility ensures inhabitants’ health and safety. Schmidt Mechanical Group, Inc. offers smart and effective commercial ventilation solutions in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Our clients include local restaurants, national chain restaurants, commercial kitchens, and many other private and public institutions.

Comprehensive Ventilation Services

Keeping your commercial property properly ventilated requires the assistance of trained professionals. At Schmidt Mechanical Group, Inc., we carry a wide range of top-of-the-line products from industry leading brands and can help you design a kitchen ventilation system that will maintain a comfortable, safe, and healthy environment.

Our San Antonio ventilation services include:

  • Kitchen ventilation: We install high-quality kitchen ventilation packages for commercial kitchens. CaptiveAire’s integrated ventilation packages include hoods, exhaust fans, grease duct systems, electrical control, and fire suppression systems.
  • Hoods: We install many types of hoods, including self-cleaning hoods, island hoods, wall canopy hoods, and back shelf hoods. We have the accessories needed to set up your hood and ensure that it is installed correctly and functioning properly.
  • Exhaust fans: Cooking vapors, stale air, and fumes create lingering dampness and odor in your kitchen. Exhaust fans remove that stale, damp air from the room. You will immediately notice a difference in your building’s air quality when you start using a powerful exhaust fan.
  • Make-up air fans: These fans allow the exhaust system to efficiently remove contaminated air from your property. We install a variety of make-up air fans, such as filtered rooftop fans, modular packaging units, motorized or motorless fans, inline filtered fans, and more.
  • Fire suppression: A reliable fire suppression system is essential in every commercial kitchen. We carry top-notch products that include CORE fire protection systems, R-102 fire suppression systems, and Piranha fire suppression systems.

All of our services are performed by friendly and reliable technicians who will respect your space as if it was their own.

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The Importance of Keeping Your Air Ducts Clean

A key part of any ventilation system are the air ducts, and when they get dirty, who knows what kind of dirt we’re breathing in. That’s why it’s crucial to keep them clean year-round. A large part of keeping your air ducts clean is monitoring your filter. This means knowing when it gets dirty and how long it’s been since you last changed it.

When should I change the filter?

1. Rule of thumb is to change the filter every three months to prevent dust from accumulating
2. Do you have pets at home? Change the filter more often – about every two months
3. Whenever it’s dirty, it needs to be cleaned, no questions asked. If you take it out and find that your white filter is now black, dusty, and full of debris, it’s time for a new one

What can a dirty filter do?

1. A dirty filter can slow the airflow in your home
2. Debris can build up in your air ducts and blow into your home
3. Your system works harder to pump out more air, which wastes energy
4. Ultimately, a dirty filter that is unchanged can lead to system failure

What are the major signs my air ducts needs to cleaned?

1. Look for large buildups of dust and pet hair
2. Inspect for mold, as this can be hazardous to your health
3. Check for signs of pest and rodent infestations

Expert Installation Services

Our qualified technicians can provide a free on-site consultation and estimate of the installation costs. We will assess your current environment and recommend the best ventilation equipment to enhance your space. After you have selected the equipment you need, we offer professional installation for lasting value and reliable performance.

At Schmidt Mechanical Group, Inc., we are trained, qualified, and equipped to handle all your San Antonio ventilation needs. You can count on us to provide the professional advice and service you need to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment in your commercial building.

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