With how much time we all spend in our homes, it’s critical to have clean, high-quality air flowing through your home. This will improve your breathing, protect you from airborne illnesses, reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, and more.

At Schmidt Mechanical, we understand indoor air quality is vital to your family’s health. San Antonio ultraviolet light installation and UV lamps incorporated into your air conditioning system can help keep bacteria and mold out of your house. Protect your San Antonio, TX HVAC system and your loved ones by scheduling an installation quote today!

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How Does a UV Light Air Cleaner Work?

Every home, regardless of how clean, has airborne particles and pollutants traveling through its air supply. Air cleaners and purifiers aim to remedy this issue by removing harmful particles and pollutants that can lead to sicknesses and worsened allergy and asthma symptoms.

UV light air cleaners work very differently from most other air cleaners and purifiers. They produce waves of UV light that will kill or disrupt harmful particles in a home’s air supply. Air that passes through the UV light system will be cleaned of any mold, bacteria, viruses, dander, or other pollutants.

Benefits of UV Lights

Homes with people that routinely suffer from asthma and allergy symptoms should seriously consider the installation of a UV light air cleaner. These air cleaners can provide benefits such as:

Neutralize Bad Odors

Just as UV light air cleaners are able to remove harmful particles from the air, they can also remove particles that are responsible for causing bad odors within your home. Even strong odors that can linger on materials and furniture, such as cigarette smoke, can be reduced or removed altogether by the installation of a UV light air cleaner. They are able to find and neutralize the particles that are causing the bad odors within your home.

Fewer Allergens

Dust, mold, pollen, and pet dander are just a few of the allergens that can cause severe allergy symptoms. These allergens are in nearly every home that doesn’t feature an air purification or cleaning system. A UV light air cleaner can help by eliminating allergens from the air that lead to more intense allergy and asthma symptoms.

Healthier Air

The benefits accompanied by healthy air are seemingly endless. It can lead to reduced stress, strengthened immune systems, better sleep, reduced illnesses, and much more. The installation of a UV light air cleaning system will produce air that is much cleaner overall to breathe.

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UV Light Air Cleaners Vs. Other Air Cleaners

While UV light air cleaners and other air cleaners both have the same purpose of cleaning a home’s air supply, they complete their goal very differently. Most standard air cleaners make use of filters in order to catch and block any particles or pollutants from the air before they reach the people within your home.

A UV light air cleaner, on the other hand, does not rely on any filters to kill airborne particles. Instead, they rely on short and frequent waves of light to remove particles and pollutants.

A UV light air cleaner’s methods lead to reduced cleaning times and less overall maintenance required on the system.

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Schedule UV Light Air Cleaner Installation from Schmidt Mechanical

While UV light air cleaners can seem complex and difficult to operate at first, they’re actually quite simple to utilize. If your home is looking for a great way to eliminate airborne pollutants and particles, consider the benefits provided by a UV light air cleaner. Get in touch with Schmidt Mechanical today for more information or to request an appointment.