Far too often it seems that our heating systems tend to die on us at the worst possible times. Whether it’s during a holiday, during the dead of winter, or in the middle of the night, being left without heat can be unbearable.

The professional service team of technicians at Schmidt Mechanical wants to make sure that you’re covered no matter when your heating system stops working. We’ll be there in the event that your furnace breaks down on Christmas, at 3 a.m., or in the midst of a freezing cold winter.

For a reputable San Antonio furnace repair company, contact Schmidt Mechanical today. Our NATE-certified technicians can also install new equipment and maintain your HVAC unit.

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Signs That You Need Heating Repairs

Furnaces will often let you know when they’ll soon be requiring repair service. Some of those signs that indicate service is needed include:

Rising Heating Bills

If your heating bill is steadily rising each month, you may have also noticed that your furnace isn’t heating your room as quickly as it should be. These two issues go hand in hand because your heating bills rise when your heater takes longer to bring your house up to the set temperature.

Not Enough Warm Air

Not enough warm air coming from your heater is one of the most obvious and concerning sign of needed heating repair service. If this is the case in your home, call a heating and cooling business immediately. A heater that isn’t doing its sole job of heating your home is of no use to you and will continue to rack up high energy bills.

Loud Banging Noises

Loud banging noises coming from your furnace could indicate that the burners within your system are dirty and need cleaning in order to work properly. Banging noises are indicative that damage could be taking place within your furnace and, if left unattended, can crack the heat exchanger and lead to a very dangerous issue. For help determining the best course of action, contact the professional technicians at Schmidt Mechanical. Our company we’ll work with you to find the best solution to your problem to get heat restored back to your house or company.

Inconsistent Temperatures

When working properly, your furnace should have no issues reaching the set temperature and maintaining it. When issues arise where your home’s temperature is higher or lower than where it is set, it’s a sure sign that repairs should be performed.

Strange Smells

Outside of when your heating unit kicks on for the first time of the season, you shouldn’t notice any smells coming from your furnace. If you do, it’s a reason to be cautious going forward. If the smell persists, you might have a clogged filter or dirty air ducts.

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When is Furnace Installation the Best Option?

Sometimes it makes more sense to replace your broken-down system with a new, energy-efficient model. We recommend considering installation of a new heater if:

  • Your current heater is over 15 years old
  • Repairs are more expensive than a replacement
  • There is a carbon monoxide leak present
  • Your home’s energy bills rise rapidly

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Financing Options With Schmidt Mechanical

Schmidt Mechanical understands that heating and cooling services can often create an expensive bill, and our company is here to help. We offer financing options through a partnership with Wells Fargo designed to help our customers finance their HVAC repairs or new equipment.

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Why Choose Schmidt Mechanical?

Schmidt Mechanical offers excellent HVAC services that speak for themselves. Our professional technicians come backed with years of experience in the heating and cooling industry.

Our company prides itself on providing a solution to any heating and cooling issues that comes our clients’ way. From air conditioning repairs to heating maintenance and beyond, you can be sure that your issue will be resolved when you choose Schmidt Mechanical.

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Schedule Heating Repairs with Schmidt Mechanical

Do you need help with a heating problem? Then contact the repair, maintenance, and installation professionals at Schmidt Mechanical. Our heating, cooling, and indoor air quality technicians are dedicated to finding a solution that works well for your Texas home. Contact us here as soon as possible.

Whether you need heating repair, furnace replacement or maintenance, Schmidt Mechanical is the company to trust. We’ve provided exceptional customer service to San Antonio and the surrounding areas for many years, and we’ll help you get your unit back up and running again.

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