Living without heat is not only uncomfortable, but it can be dangerous depending on when your heating system goes out.

Thankfully, no matter when your heating system conks out, the professional HVAC technicians at Schmidt Mechanical are here to take your call. In the dead of winter, in the middle of the night or during a major holiday, you can expect the team at Schmidt to pick up the phone and send a technician out to perform your furnace installation.

For reliable San Antonio furnace installation replacement service, contact Schmidt Mechanical today.

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Signs That You Need Furnace Installation and Replacement Services

Your furnace will likely let you know when it’s ready to be replaced. Look out for signs like:

Your San Antonio Furnace is Older Than 15 Years

As furnaces age, they begin to decrease in quality as they’re used more, have dust or dirt begin to build up, or need repairs. Typically, furnaces over 15 years of age will require repairs all too frequently. We recommend new furnace replacement the next time your 15-year-old furnace needs repairs.

Energy Bills are Rising

Your energy bills can rise when your electric or natural gas furnace isn’t working properly, and repairs can help. Most times, though, rising energy bills are indicative of major problems within the furnace. The cost of your energy bills are likely increasing because your heater is working harder than it should to bring your San Antonio, TX, home’s temperature to what it’s set at, causing it to stay on longer and use more energy.

Carbon Monoxide Detector is Going Off

Carbon monoxide leaks are incredibly dangerous to everyone within your home. When you hear your detector notify you that carbon monoxide is present, it’s crucial that you get everyone out of the house as quickly as possible and call 911. Unfortunately, your furnace might be the cause of the leak. Be sure to check what caused the leak in your San Antonio home – and if it’s related to your furnace – be sure to replace it as soon as possible to ensure the safety of those within your household.

Heating System Doesn’t Cycle Properly

Most of the time, your San Antonio home’s cooling heating systems should be set to “Auto” to ensure that your system only runs when you need it to. When your system isn’t cycling as it should, check to make sure it’s set to “Auto.” If it is, but your system isn’t turning the heat on when it should be, there is likely an issue with your furnace that need to be looked at immediately.

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What if Your Furnace is Beyond Repairs?

When your electric or natural gas furnace costs more to fix than to replace – or if your heater is over 15 years of age – consider replacing your furnace, rather than repairing it. If your San Antonio HVAC system constantly needs repairs and isn’t functioning as it used to, it’s in your best interest to replace the system as soon as possible to make sure that you’re not spending more money than you have to.

Areas Schmidt Mechanical Serves

Schmidt Mechanical provides service to customers all across the San Antonio, TX, area. If your home resides in cities around the San Antonio area like Alamo Heights, Garden Ridge, Selma, or Universal City, we can provide you with our high-quality HVAC services.

For a full list of cities within our service area, click here.

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Why Choose Schmidt Mechanical?

Schmidt Mechanical aims to go above and beyond for our San Antonio customers. We offer 24/7 emergency service to ensure that you’re covered by a company that you can trust whenever a heating or air conditioning issue affects your family.

We offer financing options through our partnership with Wells Fargo to help our customers finance the cost of their cooling or furnace repair or installation service.

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Schedule Furnace Installation with Schmidt Mechanical

When the time has come to install a new furnace in your San Antonio, TX area home, book an appointment with the HVAC technician team at Schmidt Mechanical. We’ll perform a complete inspection of your current furnace system to make sure that furnace installation is best for you, instead of a repair or other maintenance.

For furnace installation and replacement service, call us today. We also provide indoor air quality solutions and service, repair and replace air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Contact us for more information or to request service.

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