San Antonio Heater Repair

Our trained and certified technicians provide reliable repairs heating systems in both residential and commercial properties. We can repair all makes and models of heating equipment. Our San Antonio HVAC technicians arrive in stocked vans for quick repairs and we only use factory-authorized parts to ensure the highest quality repair service for every job.

Our residential and commercial repair services include:

  • Heating system part replacements
  • Mechanical inspections
  • Testing and balancing
  • Air filtration
  • Ductwork
  • Monthly maintenance contracts
  • Seasonal maintenance agreements

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Why is My Furnace Making Strange Noises?

While furnaces and heaters are rarely silent when running, that doesn’t mean that every sound it makes is a good one. There are a number of parts that make up your heating unit that could be making noises, and the most common ones include:

  • Air noise: Air must pass through the furnace to produce heat. Therefore, hearing a little air flow now and again is quite normal. However, if the sound of air blowing is so prominent that it is keeping you up at night, you could have an air leak. Check to ensure all seams are sealed and secure open seams with duct tape when necessary.
  • Train noise: A dirty furnace can begin to rumble like a passing train. Any restrictions, including dirt and dust, will force your furnace to work harder than it should – thus, leading to these sounds. Check not just the furnace itself but also vents around the home. Few vents should be blocked by furniture or other enclosures.
  • High pitch: Have you called us for you tune-up yet? If not, that could be the reason your furnace is making a high pitch sound. A worn drive belt should be adjusted or replaced and the tension should always be properly set. Your furnace’s manual will have detailed directions on maintaining the drive belt but you can also call your technician for support.
  • Low pitch: A low pitch can indicate a loose furnace that needs to be better secured to the floor or wall. Replace any loose screws or braces and confirm surrounding walls are not damaged or weak.

Heating systems rarely break down at convenient times. When San Antonio furnace repair service is needed after hours, the experts at Schmidt’s Mechanical Group, Inc. are able to help at any time of the day or night. We offer emergency heater repair service to restore not only your heating system but your comfort. Our on-call San Antonio HVAC service technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Heater Installation & Replacement

In addition to repairing heating equipment, we install and replace heaters in San Antonio for residential and commercial properties. We work with high-quality brands such as Trane heat pumps and furnaces, Nexia ComfortLink Home Automation, and Trane CleanEffects Indoor Air Quality. We are happy to provide free estimates for new heating equipment, like San Antonio furnace installation, for your home or business.

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