Heat pumps are an alternative to a traditional heating and cooling system. Heat pumps can do the work of an air conditioner and a furnace in one compact unit. If you’ve been watching your heat pump and notice it’s not spinning, it could be a clue that there are underlying issues with your heat pump.

Furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners can conk out at the most inconvenient times. That’s why Schmidt Mechanical is on call 24/7 to fix your problems fast and restore comfort to your home.

When Should the Fan Run on My Heat Pump?

A heat pump system is composed of an outside condenser unit and one or more air handling units inside. Your heat pump fan won’t run when the air handling unit is off. These two units work in tandem. The fan on your unit should spin when you want air in your house and shouldn’t spin when the temperature has reached the desired temperature set on your thermostat.

Why Is the Heat Pump Fan Not Spinning When the Unit Is On?

If you find that your heat pump is on but the outdoor fan isn’t turning, there could be a few issues at play. Outdoor debris can get into the system and clog it. It is important to have a clear area around your heat pump year-round. If you see something that is lodged in your heat pump fan, turn off the power and then see if you can dislodge it with a tool or a stick. Never stick your fingers in a fan.

Sometimes you can push-start your condenser fan by giving the blades a push. If that works, it could be a sign of a bad fan motor that will need to be replaced soon. If your fan does not move with a push, then you should have it repaired immediately. Do not run your heat pump without a working fan as that could cause damage to the compressor. A damaged compressor can lead to a very costly repair bill or replacement of the entire system.

My Heat Pump Fan Won’t Stop Spinning. Is That Normal?

If you’ve only experienced a house that is cooled by an air conditioning unit, then you may find it odd that your heat pump fan is running in cold weather. That is normal, and your heat pump fan should be spinning.

Heat pumps are ideal for San Antonio because of our relatively mild winters. Heat pumps don’t work as well in colder climates because they have to work harder to bring in more air when it’s cold outside, making them less efficient than a traditional furnace. This is why some heat pump owners also have a backup heating system for the winter.

The fan in your heat pump is also used to defrost your heat pump. If you ever hear your heat pump and your air handler working – but your heat pump fan isn’t spinning even in cold weather – this could be a sign there is a problem.

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Heat pumps are a great alternative to traditional air conditioners and furnaces. If you want to learn more about heat pumps or you need maintenance or a repair service performed, call Schmidt Mechanical. Our professional HVAC technicians will have you system up and running again in no time, no matter what the problem is.

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