Although your air conditioner brings relief on those hot days in San Antonio, there are a fewhealth concerns you should be aware of. Before you leave the AC running all day and all night, learn how doing so can put you at risk:

Sickness. Do you feel run down? If you wake up with chills or a headache, your air conditioning might be to blame. For example, sleeping next to a vent that pumps out cool for hours makes your body more susceptible to mucous membrane irritation, causing you to easily catch a cold or other type of illness.

Heat intolerance. Spending lots of time in a cool home or office causes your body to adjust to colder temperatures. Meaning, when you’re constantly exposed to cool air, your ability to tolerate the hot weather outside decreases. And being intolerant to hot temps can be dangerous when a heat wave strikes.

Respiratory problems. Another danger of leaving your AC on all day is the heightened risk of respiratory problems. Air conditioners are known to circulate germs and micro-organisms, which cause breathing issues and even diseases, such as pneumonia.

Uncomfortable skin. The cool, dry air can feel good on your skin, but there’s a major drawback you might not realize. Turns out, when you leave your AC on all day, your skin can suffer from extreme dryness no matter how much moisturizer you apply. Not only is dry skin uncomfortable, but it can also lead to other health concerns like dehydration.

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