Ensure Your Commercial Property Stays Comfortable

Many commercial properties have aging and outdated heating and cooling systems. This means it could be costing you a lot more money just to keep your building at a reasonable temperature. Luckily, our team at Schmidt Mechanical Group, Inc. can replace your entire commercial HVAC system so you can save money on utility costs while keeping tenants, employees and customers happy. Our fully licensed and insured San Antonio commercial HVAC technicians can replace your system in a professional manner, so you can get back to business as normal in short time.

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Benefits of HVAC Replacement Service

There are many advantages to replacing your commercial system, including:

  • Controlling temperatures effectively
  • Spending less money on utility costs
  • Avoiding emergency replacements later
  • Having greater control of the financial plan
  • Making replacement cost considerably lower

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your HVAC System

There are several signs to watch for that indicate you need commercial HVAC services in San Antonio, TX. Some of the signs you system may need to be replaced include:

Your system is aging

HVAC systems typically last about 15 to 20 years. However, if the system wasn’t properly maintained, it may need to be replaced after just 10 years, as parts tend to wear out quicker if regular commercial HVAC services weren’t performed.

Energy bills are rising

Rising energy bills are another sign your commercial heating and cooling system is in need of replacement. Again, the older an HVAC unit is, the less energy efficient it performs.

Uneven temperatures

If some rooms in your commercial property are hotter or colder than others, that’s a sign your HVAC system isn’t performing at its optimal efficiency. In most cases, this occurs because older HVAC systems aren’t as powerful as they once were and struggle to properly distribute conditioned air throughout your San Antonio, TX, commercial business. Electing to purchase a new heating and air conditioning system can keep your office or work environment more comfortable for employees and customers. You can also choose an HVAC system that works right for your office’s size and location.

Is your system acting strange?

HVAC systems should operate relatively quietly. But if you’re noticing loud sounds such as hissing, grinding or rattling, they could indicate a broken or loose component. Strange smells, meanwhile, could be the result of mold or mildew forming in the system due to a leak. The formation of must and mold decreases your office’s overall indoor air quality. You’ll need to call a qualified HVAC contractor to inspect the system if it’s experiencing either of these issues.

Short cycling

Short cycling occurs when your commercial heating and air conditioner system turns on and off by itself before it reaches the desired temperature. It can be very frustrating when you’re trying to heat your business up, only to find that before it can even reach your desired temperature, it turns itself off. Short cycling can be caused by frozen evaporator coils, wiring and electrical problems, dirty air filters or an oversized system. For service that can repair your short cycling unit, call Schmidt Mechanical Group.

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Retrofitting Your Building

Our San Antonio commercial HVAC replacement team at Schmidt Mechanical Group, Inc. has the skill and experience to effectively replace all components of your HVAC system. We are Trane Comfort Specialists, meaning we have a unique level of understanding of the equipment. This allows you to have a more effective and efficient system.

Our highly trained service technicians are effectively skilled in HVAC diagnostics and installations. Our technicians are also equipped with fully stocked service trucks in order to promptly handle most repairs. Thus, you have less time without proper heating and air conditioning. In addition, should your establishment experience unforeseen equipment failures, we have technicians standing ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to service your HVAC needs.

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