During the spring and summer, it’s essential to have high-quality air conditioning in Olmos Park, TX. If your unit has broken down or isn’t working the way it used to when you first moved in, you need repairs before it gets any hotter outside.

Contact our team of HVAC specialists at Schmidt Mechanical. We make sure that your AC is prepared for hot days in Olmos Park. Our team is dedicated to repairing your air conditioning unit quickly and efficiently, so that you can return to enjoying your summer.

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Professional Air Conditioner Repair Service in Olmos Park, TX

At Schmidt Mechanical, we are dedicated to providing you with professional and high-quality air conditioner repair services in Olmos Park, TX. We provide the following services to our customers:

  • Troubleshooting: Once you book an appointment, our team will come out to troubleshoot the issues with you. No matter the make or model of the AC unit, our certified technicians will repair your unit to brand-new quality.
  • Seasonal maintenance checks. We also do seasonal maintenance checks to ensure that your machine continues to operate at peak performance levels.
  • Monthly maintenance checks. For commercial business, we offer monthly maintenance checks to ensure your space is cooled for customers.

Don’t wait to get your AC unit looked at, even if you’re not sure what the issue is. Book an appointment with our team now to get your HVAC unit inspected.

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Common AC Problems

When you’re relying on cool air and a comfortable living environment, you need your air conditioning to work. An AC unit that breaks down unexpectedly is inconvenient and frustrating.

Your HVAC unit should work silently and efficiently while you go about your day. However, you may notice warning signs before your air conditioning system completely gives out. This is when you know it’s time to call our team and schedule AC repair.

Our team sees many common issues when troubleshooting AC units, including:

Faulty Operation

It’s easy to forget the AC is working when you crack open windows or doors. Unfortunately, that can lead to machine issues.

Improper Installation

Your unit could have been installed incorrectly, leading to issues.

Lack of Maintenance

Our team recommends getting your HVAC system tuned up before the hot spring and summer months.

Refrigerant Leaks

The Schmidt technicians will repair any refrigerant leaks.

How to Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

Keeping track of the work done, plus fixing minor issues yourself, will help keep your air conditioning unit running like new for longer.

When looking into doing minor updates and repairs yourself, the team at Schmidt Mechanical has some tips and tricks to help:

  • Don’t put heat-generating electrical devices near your thermostat
  • Replace AC filters regularly
  • Keep your internal home temperature as high as comfortably possible
  • When it’s humid, turn down the fan speed. During all other times, turn up the fan speed
  • Keep your outside AC unit shades with the help from trees, shrubs or an umbrella
  • Ceiling fans will help circulate inside air

However, we recommend contacting us to schedule tune ups. We can inspect your unit to ensure it’s in the best shape year-round. Book an appointment today!

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Air Conditioner Service & Maintenance for Improved Performance

No matter how careful you are, issues with your HVAC unit could still arise. Luckily, our team at Schmidt Mechanical Group Inc. has been working with AC systems for years, and we are well adept at handling any emergency that should arise.

We offer 24/7 emergency services to help you. Our technicians will be out as soon as you call to troubleshoot and solve the issue and get you back to comfortably living your life.

Without annual maintenance, your AC unit is more susceptible to breaking down or running at a less than optimal level. Some issues that could occur without a yearly checkup include:

  • Low-quality indoor air
  • An increase in your electricity bill
  • Costly repair fees
  • A shorter lifespan
  • Random and frequent breakdowns
  • A strong musty odor throughout your San Antonio, TX, area home

Schedule Highly Rated AC Service in Olmos City, TX

If you’re seeing warning signs with your unit, don’t wait until your AC completely breaks down. You can call, email or book an appointment directly on our website to fix the issue before it gets worse.

At Schmidt Mechanical, we pride ourselves in building genuine relationships with our clients. Our insured and trained technicians will quickly diagnose the issues with your Olmos Park, TX, AC system.

Our team is ready to help you get your Olmos Park or San Antonio, TX, home back to its best temperature. Call us today to book your appointment for air conditioning repair services!

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