There’s no denying it, summer weather in Hollywood Park, TX can be downright miserable at times with the heat and humidity. On days it’s just too hot to go outside, residents enjoy relaxing indoors with their air conditioning system running full blast.

Unfortunately, air conditioners do tend to break down occasionally due to several factors, including age and how well they’ve been maintained. If your home’s AC conks out on you on a hot summer’s day, you need reliable air conditioning service – fast. A home without air conditioning isn’t only uncomfortable, but it can be dangerous for vulnerable populations.

The good news is – Schmidt Mechanical has you covered! We provide top-notch cooling services to residents of Hollywood Park, TX, and all of San Antonio. Contact Schmidt Mechanical today to get your system running like new again.

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24/7 Air Conditioning Repair in Hollywood Park, TX

If your air conditioning system were to break down in a perfect world, it would be during the middle of a business day so you have plenty of time to find and call a reputable HVAC company. But the technicians at Schmidt Mechanical have found that to be quite the opposite. Air conditioners stop working at all times, including on weekends and holidays.

If your Hollywood Park AC breaks down – day or night – call us, the NATE-certified heating and air conditioning technicians at Schmidt Mechanical, today.

AC Repair Services in Hollywood Park, TX

When you hire Schmidt Mechanical for AC repairs, we’ll inspect your entire system, perform testing and balancing and take care of any ductwork and air filtration issues your system might be experiencing. After diagnosing the issue, we’ll closely walk you through the available options. We never pressure you into making a quick decision. We’ll work with you so you can make the best decision for your home and budget.

Just a few of the AC services Schmidt offers include:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Monthly maintenance contracts for commercial businesses
  • Seasonal maintenance agreements

The technicians at Schmidt Mechanical only work with authorized parts and equipment. Call us today for San Antonio, TX or Hollywood Park, TX heating and cooling repair services.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Lack of maintenance

A lack of regular AC maintenance can lead to premature wear and tear of equipment. This can result in frequent repairs and early replacement.

Drainage problems

If your system’s condensate drain clogs up, mold and mildew can form. This unwanted growth impacts your home’s indoor air quality and can damage cooling equipment.

Improper installation

It’s imperative to hire only qualified heating and air conditioning companies for installation. An improperly installed cooling system can cause duct leaks and poor airflow.

Refrigerant leaks

If your Hollywood Park area outdoor condenser unit is leaking refrigerant, call us, as a leak can damage your unit and possibly harm the environment.

AC System Maintenance

To keep your Hollywood Park, TX area AC system running at optimal efficiency, have an HVAC company perform maintenance once per year, preferably in the spring before you’ve turned it on for the first time. Some DIY maintenance tips Hollywood Park, TX, homeowners can perform include:

  • Replacing HVAC filters regularly
  • Keeping the temperature set as high as comfortably possible during the summer
  • Installing ceiling fans to circulate conditioned air in rooms you use
  • Keeping electrical devices that generate heat away from the thermostat

Contact Schmidt Mechanical for AC Repair Services

When you work with the friendly technicians at Schmidt Mechanical, it won’t take long for you to discover why we’re the most reputable heating and air conditioning company in all of the San Antonio, TX area. We bring our core principles – honesty, professionalism, consistency and reputation – to every call.

For San Antonio, TX and Hollywood Park air conditioning repair service, contact Schmidt Mechanical.

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