Schmidt Mechanical provides the residents of Castle Hills, TX, and the surrounding area with professional air conditioning repair services that they can count on. No matter why your air conditioning unit broke down, you can be sure that the experts at Schmidt Mechanical have seen a similar problem before and will be able to apply their knowledge, skills, and expertise to your situation. For quick and effective heating and cooling repairs, give Schmidt Mechanical a call today!

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Professional Air Conditioner Repair Service in Castle Hills, TX

When you turn to Schmidt Mechanical for your air conditioner repairs, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re working with an experienced and professional team that will give your cooling unit the time and respect it deserves.

We’re proud of the experience we’ve gained over the years to help our clients with all of their home’s HVAC repair needs. It’s helped to prepare and familiarize us with nearly every issue we come across today. Common cooling problems we see include:

Improper operation

Sometimes, an AC repair job is as simple as finding a human error that has taken place and recommending ways to fix it. For example, when the AC is turned on, make sure no windows or doors are open or cracked. This can severely alter the overall temperature of the building and prohibit the unit from operating to its fullest capabilities.

Faulty installation

Most times, though, the issues plaguing our customers’ AC units are more complicated. When AC units are installed incorrectly, a number of problems can occur, including leaky air ducts, water leaks, electrical problems and overall poor performance.

Poor service procedures

Unfortunately, some service technicians in Castle Hills and San Antonio, TX, miss issues that should’ve been caught. For example, a common service error we find is excess refrigerant added to an already full system. Don’t leave your HVAC repairs to just anyone – contact the expert technicians at Schmidt Mechanical.

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We know how frustrating it can be to find yourself in the middle of a hot day with no cooling. If you find yourself in that situation, turn to a company that has years of experience in providing repairs to AC units all across Castle Hills, TX. Trust Schmidt Mechanical for all of your air conditioning repair and service needs, and schedule an appointment today. We’re a heating and air conditioning company that provides services in Castle Hills, San Antonio and the entire surrounding area. Contact us today for HVAC maintenance or indoor air quality solutions. Our team is ready to restore comfort back to your home!

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